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The village is not gone
It just needs to be
Rebuilt better than before!

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Parene Hub is the only mentoring and accountability hub exclusive to parents

We offer peer to peer support, community cheerleading and online resources to help you 

Live, Work & Play your way

The idea of the village may seem lost, but we know it's just waiting to be rediscovered with the power of our community. Every parent has a role to play, and every voice is heard. With our collective strength, we're tearing down the barriers of isolation and building bridges of support that span across professions, backgrounds, and experiences. 


Our members receive professional and personal support, including expert sessions, weekly accountability meetings, and exclusive events

Join us in rebuilding the village – one connection, one conversation, and one step at a time.

Parene's mission is to create a circular community of support. So, come be a part of our journey as we rebuild, reconnect, and rediscover the power of community.

Welcome home to Parene – where the village is alive and thriving

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"I originally met Tara at a networking event in the summer of 2022. When I heard she was creating her own network specifically for mums in business, I knew had to become a member. Not only is it a chance to meet other women in business, but women who are mums, and more importantly women who know the struggles and joys that brings.

I love the accountability, the professional and personal learning, and the support that comes with being connected with like-minded women and mums"

Samantha O Sullivan, ChapterYou & Cork City Therapy

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