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Digital Mama Unleashed: The Inspiring Journey of Starting a Business While Raising Kids

Starting your own business is a big step, especially when you're also juggling the responsibilities of being a mom. Two years ago, that was the position I found myself in. I was moving from Kerry to Cork, moving into our first home, leaving my full-time job, and starting a business. But, with determination and a solid plan, I was able to make my dream of being a successful business owner a reality.

So, what aspects of my business plan did I concentrate on? For me, it was all about marketing and finance. I knew that if I could create a strong brand and get the word out about my business, I could attract customers and build a loyal following. And, by being smart with my finances, I could ensure that my business was sustainable in the long-term.

At first, I started out with single platform on Instagram, a mentor from the MentorHer, and a "start your own business" course with the local enterprise office. I put a plan together and began talking to my audience on that one platform. I kept it quiet from friends and family at first, but once momentum started happening, I reached out for referrals. I worked hard on building my brand and messaging, and continued to make tweaks along the way.

Personally, things were a little harder to weather and the signs were showing. Pregnant with my third child, settling our 2 kids in a post-pandemic world into a new town had a LOT of challenges. It made me Readjust my expectations countless times on how much I was capable of doing that year for my business.

The best thing i did was re-evaluated my priorities. Instead of focusing on growth i focused on what was going to bring in reveneue. I focused on becoming known as an expert in my niche and focused on the basics.

All of this hard work paid off when I was nominated for two awards: Best Newcomer and Most Inspirational. And, even though I took a break for maternity leave, I was able to bounce back stronger than ever. In fact, the quarter after my return was the most successful one yet!

As my business grew, I found that my marketing efforts were paying off. I was getting more and more inquiries from potential customers, and my brand was becoming more recognizable in the community. But, I also knew that I needed to be smart with my finances if I wanted my business to be sustainable in the long-term. I kept a close eye on my expenses, and I made sure that I was investing in the areas that would bring the most return.

While I managed my marketing and finances, it was my networking efforts that also paid off! Building a community of empowering women in business around became daily sources of inspiration. I attended network events, virtually and in person. While there was a mindset shift that needed to happen first, I'm truly grateful I gave myself permission to do it.

If you're a mom who's thinking about starting your own business, I encourage you to take action and make your dream a reality. And, if you need some help getting started, I'd be happy to chat over a coffee call. Just reach out to me and let's get started on this journey together!

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