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From Necessity to Success: How Childcare Issues are Propelling Moms to the Top of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Gemma came to me two years ago trying to figure out what to do. A married mom of two who faced significant challenges in finding reliable and affordable childcare for her children. Despite searching for months, she was unable to secure a spot in a local daycare center and struggled to find a childminder who could accommodate her work schedule. This left her feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

The high cost of childcare and long waitlists for affordable options can make it financially impossible for many moms to work outside the home. However, instead of letting these challenges hold them back, more and more Irish moms are turning to entrepreneurship as a solution.

The Cost of Childcare in Ireland

Childcare in Ireland is among the most expensive in the world. According to the Irish Independent, the average cost of full-time childcare for one child can range from €780 to €1,100 a month. For many families, this cost is simply too high. Even if a mom wants to work outside the home, the cost of childcare can make it financially impossible.

Lack of Affordable, Quality Options

In addition to high costs, finding quality and affordable childcare can be a challenge in Ireland. Long waitlists for affordable options and a lack of available spots can make it difficult for moms to find reliable childcare options. Scour Facebook and you will see many moms taking to the platform to talk about being ghosted by childminders, increase in prices or inflexible arrangements.

Where traditionally grandparents were able to step in, we are in an era where most still have full-time jobs as well. This can create a difficult situation for moms who want to work but have no viable childcare options.

Mom's Responsibility

The burden of childcare is still seen as solely a mother's responsibility due to traditional gender roles, societal expectations, and workplace policies that do not support working parents.

To achieve gender equality, it is important to challenge these assumptions and work towards creating a more equitable and supportive environment for working parents.

The Rise of Mom Entrepreneurs in Ireland

Determined to find a solution, Gemma began exploring the idea of starting her own business. She had always been interested in wedding card making, and after doing some research, she decided to launch a wedding card business from home. She enrolled in online courses, purchased high-quality equipment, and began marketing her services online and through her friends and family.

Like Gemma, faced with the challenges of childcare, many Irish moms have turned to entrepreneurship as a solution. Starting their own businesses allows them to work from home, set their own schedules, and prioritize their families. Many moms have found success in areas such as online retail, freelance writing, and social media management.

In addition to the financial benefits, entrepreneurship also provides a sense of empowerment for moms. By creating their own businesses, moms can take control of their careers and their futures. It's no wonder that more and more Irish moms are turning to entrepreneurship as a way to provide for their families while also achieving their career goals.

A F.A.I.R Routine

One of the main reasons behind the rise of mom entrepreneurs in Ireland is the flexibility that comes with owning a business. A F.A.I.R routine is a focus, action, intentional, and realistic routine system that can help moms starting a business achieve their goals while also balancing their family responsibilities. With the ability to set their own schedules and work from home, mom entrepreneurs can find a work-life balance that suits them and their families. This flexibility allows moms to be present for their children's important moments, while also pursuing their career goals.

The F.A.I.R routine (1)
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The Need for Additional Income

With the high cost of living in Ireland, many families need additional income to make ends meet. This has led many moms to start their own businesses as a way to supplement their household income. Whether it's through online retail or freelance work, mom entrepreneurs are finding ways to bring in additional income while still being there for their families.

The Desire for Empowerment

Starting a business allows moms to take control of their careers and their futures.

It's a way to pursue their purpose (outside of being mom) and achieve their career goals, all while providing for their families. This sense of empowerment can have a positive impact on moms' mental health and overall well-being.

Benefits to the Irish Economy

The rise of mom entrepreneurs in Ireland is not only beneficial to moms and their families, but it also has positive effects on the Irish economy. Mom entrepreneurs are creating jobs and contributing to the growth of the Irish economy.

According to a report by Ulster Bank, women-led businesses in Ireland have the potential to contribute an additional €1.7 billion to the Irish economy each year.

Today, Gemma's business is thriving, and she is able to support her family financially while also being there for her children. She credits her success to her determination, hard work, and willingness to take risks. While the journey has not always been easy, Gemma is proud of what she has accomplished and grateful for the opportunity to be her own boss and provide for her family on her own terms.

While the challenges of childcare can be overwhelming, they are also propelling Irish moms to the top of entrepreneurship. By starting their own businesses, moms are able to find a work-life sway that works for them and their families. It's an inspiring example of how moms are finding success in the face of adversity.

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