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The Confidence to Thrive

As a mom and entrepreneur myself, I understand how challenging it can be to balance the demands of motherhood with the pursuit of a thriving business. You may have a desire to work from home and build a successful business, but do you often struggle with feelings of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs? These feelings can be especially challenging when it comes to selling yourself and your products effectively.

That's where my 3-step approach comes in. By working with me, you will gain the tools and techniques you need to boost your confidence, reframe your mindset, and sell yourself and your products with authenticity and ease.

At 13 I sat on the bench of the basketball team during the finals. My parents had driven almost 4 hours to see me play, and I was benched. It broke my heart but honestly, my coach was right to do it. I spent that entire summer practicing. I still didn't make the A team the next year but instead captained the B team. We went on to win the finals that year with an extraordinary performance by myself if I say to myself.

The reason I share this story now. My confidence was knocked, hard. But what brought me back up? A coach who believed in me but also was not willing to give me the easy road. If she had simply let me on the team, I don't think I would have realised how much I wanted to work for it.

You have the pressure of raising your children while trying to grow your business. It's easy to feel like you're not doing either one well enough, and that feeling can lead to imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is when you doubt your abilities and feel like a fraud even when you've achieved success. It's a common feeling for entrepreneurs, but it can be especially hard for moms who are trying to juggle multiple responsibilities.

If you're a mom who is struggling with imposter syndrome, know that you're not alone. Many moms who run their own businesses feel the same way. However, it's important to remember that you have what it takes to succeed. You have unique experiences and perspectives that can help your business thrive.

While I will at some point deep dive further into imposter syndrome and how you need to learn to let go. Let's walk through the three step process

Confidence is not a destination, it's a journey that starts with believing in yourself and the story you have to tell

Step One- The Story You are selling yourself

The first step to building confidence is to dive deep into your mindset, limiting beliefs, values, and strengths. When Sarah first came to me, she was feeling stuck and unsure of her ability to make money from home. She had a desire to start her own business, but she felt held back by the lack of support around her.

Sarah was telling herself a story that she wasn't capable of success, and this was preventing her from taking the necessary steps to build her business.

Through my Confidence to Thrive method, we worked together to identify Sarah's limiting beliefs and reframe her mindset. We explored the reasons behind her doubts and fears, and we worked on finding evidence to challenge these limiting beliefs. By doing so, Sarah began to shift her mindset and started to believe in her own ability to succeed.

What set her up for success included identifying her values and strengths. Where she was using them and where she needed to focus. We talked about what was important to her and what she was naturally good at. By identifying these elements, we were able to develop a clearer picture of the type of business Sarah wanted to build, and we were able to start taking concrete steps towards that goal.

Over time, Sarah's confidence grew, and she began to see herself in a new light. She realized that she did, in fact, have all the skills and strengths she needed to build a successful business from home. Today, Sarah is running her own business and enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with being her own boss. Through our work together, she was able to overcome her limiting beliefs and build the confidence she needed to thrive.

Step Two- Building your new Story

After identifying and reframing limiting beliefs, the next step in building confidence is to align your goals with your values and strengths. This is an important step in building a business that feels authentic and aligned with who you are.

One of my clients, Laura, came to me with a desire to build a training academy. While she had some doubts about her own skills, she knew that this was the type of business she wanted to build. I still remember her describing her role as a VA to so many large millionare companies. How she had been doing so much of the "behind the curtains work" and she was now ready to be the maestro in her own story. Through our work together, we spent time exploring Laura's values and strengths to ensure that her business aligned with her core beliefs and natural abilities.

By setting goals that were aligned with her values and strengths, Laura was able to build a business that felt authentic and true to who she was. This helped boost her confidence and gave her the clarity she needed to sell her services in an authentic way.

When we build businesses that are aligned with our purpose, we naturally attract clients who resonate with our message. Our passion and authenticity shine through, and this helps us to sell more effectively. By identifying and aligning with our values and strengths, we are better able to communicate the unique value of our products or services to potential clients.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to "a reason for being." It's the idea that each of us has a unique purpose or calling, and when we can align that purpose with our work, we can experience a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

So how can you apply this concept to your business story? Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Identify your passions: What are the things that light you up and bring you joy? These could be hobbies, interests, or causes that you care deeply about.

  2. Identify your skills: What are you good at? What do people come to you for help with? These could be technical skills, such as web design or writing, or soft skills, such as communication or leadership.

  3. Identify your values: What are the things that matter most to you? What do you stand for? These could be ethical or moral values, such as honesty or integrity, or personal values, such as family or community.

  4. Identify your needs: What do you need to live a fulfilling life? This could include financial security, flexibility, or creative freedom.

Once you have identified these four elements, you can begin to explore where they overlap. Your Ikigai lies at the intersection of your passions, skills, values, and needs. This is the sweet spot where you can build a business that is both fulfilling and profitable.

By building her business around her Ikigai, Laura was able to create a training academy that truly reflected who she was and what she stood for. Her passion and purpose were infused into every aspect of her business, from the curriculum to the marketing strategy. And as a result, she was able to sell authentically and with confidence, knowing that her business was a true reflection of herself.

Step 3- The Story you Sell to other

Crafting a story that resonates with your customers is the final step in building a successful business. Storytelling is a powerful tool that can't be overstated. It can affect how we tell our story to ourselves, how we build our brand, and how we market ourselves to the world.

Karen is an excellent example of this. Karen came to me for a life coaching session seeking direction in her life. She was inspired by my journey and, while using my Confidence to Thrive method, she started a side hustle. With my guidance, she developed a strong brand story and message that resonated with her customers. She found her voice, embraced her unique strengths, and built a business that was true to her values.

Crafting a compelling business story starts with knowing your values, understanding your unique strengths, and identifying what you want to achieve. From there, you can develop a narrative that speaks to your audience and resonates with your customers. Storytelling can help you connect with your clients on an emotional level, establish trust, and build lasting relationships.

It's important to understand that storytelling isn't just about crafting a narrative that sells. It's about telling a story that is authentic and true to who you are as a person and a business owner. When you tell your story from the heart, your passion and purpose will shine through, and your customers will connect with you on a deeper level.

There are several core elements of storytelling that can be used to craft a story that resonates with your customers:

  1. Authenticity: Customers can sense when someone is being insincere, so it's important to be true to yourself and your brand.

  2. Emotion: A good story should evoke emotion in your customers. Whether it's joy, sadness, fear, or hope, tapping into your customers' emotions can help create a strong connection with them.

  3. Relevance: Your story should be relevant to your customers. It should address a problem or need that they have and demonstrate how your product or service can help them solve it.

  4. Structure: A good story should have a clear structure, with a beginning, middle, and end. It should also have a clear message or theme that ties everything together.

  5. Call to action: Finally, your story should include a call to action that encourages your customers to take action. This could be anything from signing up for your newsletter to purchasing your product or service.

The key takeaway from my approach is that confidence is a process. It must start from within, and it starts with belief. By working on your mindset, aligning your business with your purpose, and crafting a compelling story, you can boost your confidence and thrive in your business.

If you're ready to boost your confidence and start thriving in your business, I invite you to reach out to me to learn more about my Confidence to Thrive program. Together, we can help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

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